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False Positives - Other Software Programs

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I asked about an issue which I put here not knowing exactly where to put it and of course, I did admit I wasn't sure where to put it. The topic is titled the same as this one but under the wrong topic. Here is the link to the post: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=59135.

The gist of the topic had to do with false positives I received with other programs. At the time, I was referred to Malwarebytes by Bleeping Computers, a forum I have found interesting. The admin asked me to report the issue to Malwarebytes, but after I had already reported it to you the admin said he actually was referring to a prior post and apologized to me. Regardless, I wanted to respond to the reply made to my report which obviously was in the wrong place, and the admin there told me to put this post here.

In response to noknojon:

Of course, I understand your points and they are noted. I do disagree with Google advertising however, especially when I'm having stuff from Google dumped on my machine when I'm not even accessing a Google site. What I do, and where I go on the Internet is flat out none of their business. I've done some work with Google ads, and in general, the ads have nothing to do with my surfing anyway. They have specifically to do with the topic on the page I'm on, and that topic is hardwired in at times straight up by the owner of the ad account, not Google. What Google has the right to know is in no way to be compared with what the government is allowed to know. The government we live under has the right to protect its citizens and to do that they have to know who is in the country and at times what their up to. Privacy rights as some cloak it under does not allow us to sneak around hiding from observation by authorities, and if you ask me, anyone who is worried about is probably up to no good anyway. I'm sure plenty disagree with that. This is strictly my opinion. Feel free to state yours if you have one. You'll hear no argument from me.

I like a lot of what Google offers. I like their search engine to a point. Their ads on there are directly related to my search, not where I do or do not go on the net. Also, for the record, you can deny Google or any Google Analytics or any other Google cookie to be put on computer and the sites still work, even Google's search engine. It's tracking software, or if you ask me, Spyware. One exception is when you use Gmail like I do, and all they really need to know is that you have logged in so that sites connected to Google can know your authenticated. I do apologize if you don't mind Google's snooping (and a few other sites, have a look at your cookies), but I do. If you know that Google is wanting to dump a cookie on your machine, you can deny it, but if you do and have a blog on Blogger for example, you can't login without it accessing a cookie with your authentication info first. If you want to be authenticated, you have to allow one cookie which I haven't bothered to identify yet, and maybe more, but I imagine they come from the domain google.com which kind of leaves you no options. Sorry, but it annoys me, and it has nothing to do with gratifying my Internet experience. Google's search engine among the huge number of resources they have is sufficient for that. Their ad cookies should stick to their sites, not even affiliates, and my specific objection is tracking my movements by corporations when it's none of their business. Go look at your cookies folder and see how many of the cookies have the word ad in them somewhere. Enhancing my Internet experience? Bull. I even use Google on some of my stuff such as a search on my blog. It has to do with tracking my every move and has nothing to do with ads either.

As to having a problem with the software I mentioned, everyone on the forum was talking about false positives (not here where it specifically addressed Malwarebytes) and specifically with regard to anti-virus software. I've had that problem too. I was just adding my two cents in as to some of the problems I had and was told that it was recommended I report it here which was an error in communication on my part. Didn't know the admin was addressing someone else. He admitted that sometimes who is who can get confusing.

As to the remark about whether or not I like the software, I really wasn't trying to say I don't like it. I was saying all of them can provide false positives, which is true. The fact that it's annoying is obvious or you wouldn't have forum topics on the discussion. If I came off annoyed, well, it certainly wasn't at anyone here. It was frustration I have experienced over the years of dealing with this stuff. AVG, after some research, stated they provide alerts at times that can clearly be annoyed, but unless you check it out you would probably heed the warning despite that it's unfounded.

As those who have some computer knowledge, we often admit we don't know everything, which is really a given since anyone who says they do is an obvious liar. Even you said you weren't expert on the matter, and I imagine you were just joking when you said that if I didn't want any of the programs on my machine then it was only good to hook to things that don't connect to the net such as a "printer", but I am honest when it made me think I was being accused of being totally ignorant despite being said with a smile. I really try to avoid making someone else appear inferior when they don't know something I happen to know recognizing that they no doubt know things I've never messed with.

An example might be that I bet most parents can't do what their 7 or 8 year old can on a computer. Some by a very young age can assemble them from scratch or put one together from parts off of several junk computers. Parents, fascinated by the ability, usually have to ask them to show them how. Certainly doesn't mean they know more than Mom and Dad or that their judgment is better. However, if you wanna play the new StarCraft II then I bet your kid who is not even in school yet can do it better than you. When playing across the Internet, how old is the guy (you assume he's at least in his teens, but do you know?) playing against you? My nephew, in second grade or maybe third, could whoop his own dad and me (I'm not into games) and just about anyone he played via the net. His dad loved to and did play them every spare minute he got, but his favorite thing was to play as a partner with his son; because, his son was virtually unbeatable. Just a thought.

This is simply to give you something to consider, not to criticize, as all your statements were valid. Thanks for your help.


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