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problem booting after Malwarebytes cleaning

Will Roan

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I followed directions from, unfortunately, a 3rd party site on getting rid of Antivirus Master and AV XP 2008 on my parents' computer. I'm sure there was more going on than those 2 suspects in that machine. Anyway, I was unable to install MWbytes because booting in normal mode wasn't stable enough to finish the process. I had to install and run an un-updated version of MWbytes in safe mode. Afterward, I was prompted to reboot the system to remove the last of the files that couldn't be removed normally. I did this and booted into normal mode with no problems, then I ran the program again so that it would update and catch more files, which it did.

It prompted me once again to reboot the system, and now the computer won't finish booting into normal mode: after I pick a profile, it loads the desktop wallpaper and the cursor is active, but no taskbar or desktop items load, and Ctrl-Alt-Delete would not bring up the task manager. It does this with all the profiles. Safe mode is still usable.

Any ideas?

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  • Root Admin

Hi Will,

Is this a laptop or a desktop and what is the MFG/MAKE/MODEL of the unit?

Is it Vista or XP?

If Vista what version?

If XP is it XP Home, or XP Pro?

Do you have the installation CD/DVD for the operating system?

Do you have access to another working computer to assist in repairing this one?

Please provide the information requested and we'll work on getting your system back up and running again.


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  • Root Admin

Okay well, try downloading this file from Microsoft on another computer with a CD burner and install the application and then burn the resultant ISO image to a CD which will create a bootable repair CD for you. Don't just copy the ISO image to the CD and burn it, you have to burn it AS AN ISO image. If you don't know how please say so and let us know what CD burning software you're using.

If you have questions please ask.

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset

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