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Malwarebytes Activates Shuriken Heuristics Module

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After a long beta development period, we've activated our Shuriken heuristics module in today's definitions (version 4390+). Under the Settings -> Scanner Settings tab in Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, check "Enable advanced heuristics engine (Heuristics.Shuriken)" to enable this feature. Please let us know if you see it in action! If you experience any false positives, please report them here.

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Awesome! Thanks for the news! :rolleyes:

During beta testing, I always had two hits.

I'll run a quick scan later this morning and a full scan when I have time... if FP's are caught, where would you like us to post them? :lol:

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Thanks Deke40 :lol:

I am quite familiar with the FP forum. Since this is a special scanning engine, I thought that maybe there might be a different place we should post any FP's found from Shuriken.

And after reading your post, I went back to Swandog46's first post and realized that he had linked to the forum you linked me to, so thanks :lol:

I am not fully awake this morning, I guess :rolleyes:

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Must be as mine was already checked. I am running the paid version.
Mine too in MAM v1.46 free. I guess I was running with it the whole time so I didn't notice unless I missed something?
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