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Desktop Problem


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Im pretty stupid when it comes to things about computers.

i know a little bit but this is just beyond me i dont know if its a hardware problem software problem or what.

But i reformatted and reinstalled Windows xp Home SP2 due to virus problem, sumhow got a virus and it $#@^#@ over my computer and i wasnt able to access internet, download nearly anything, or even system restore... so i reinstalled the windows and thought that i will just start all over again,

but wen i tried to set up internet nothing would work...still... i went to device manager and said that everything was working except: Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, RAID Controller, RAID Controller.

They all show yellow bubble with exclamation mark in them and i try update, reinstall and watever but i cant cause no internet... i have no othr CDs other than the windows xp home SP2 disk.

i know my computer works with my internet cause it was working... before the virus.

i dont know much about the desktop because my dad is the person who gave it to me and always messed with it.

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The reason you can not connect to the internet now is because you have all those devices with the yellow bubble expecially the one called Ethernet Controller. That is the Network card that enables you go get on the internet.

You have to download drivers for those devices (usually from the manufactures web site).

If you give us your brand, and model number of computer we can direct you to the right place to download the drivers.

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In addition to what Firefox said, if this was a 'built' PC and not a name brand, you can make note of the vendor and/or device ID by bringing up this screen in device manager (right click 'ethernet controller' and select 'propertes' -- then go to the 'details' tab...


Once you get the VEN (vendor) and the DEV (Device), you can go here hxxp://pcidatabase.com/ and type the numbers in to hopefully find a link to your network and other devices.

Even if it is a branded PC (Dell, HP, Acer etc...) I like to check the VEN and DEV against pcidatabase whenever the OEM site gives me too many choices, and I am not sure which driver to download.

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