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Trusteer Rapport with Malwarebytes

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I've had a request from a customer regarding whether to install Trusteer Rapport (TR) software, as recommended on her Alliance and Leicester bank's website.

Here are 2 links to the TR website:



And a link to the Wilders forum for ESET:


Q1. Does anyone know if it can be used alongside MB (paid copy running on-access scanning and IP blocking) without problems?

Q2. Is the techology it employs any different to Malwarebytes, therefore is protection already present (and adequate) with MB (always running alongside ESET Smart Security v4)?

Sorry, my technical knowledge of how keystroke attacks and communication intercepts (to Banking websites) occur, along with associated blocking technologies is limited, therefore any words or external links to educate me further would be appreciated!



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Dear Noknojon,

I just wanted to ask the question to a wider readership, my bank is also asking me to use Trusteer Rapport so I could easily make it a non-client issue - would that be OK?

However, I will try corporate as well, fingers crossed for a reply though.


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  • Root Admin

Hello Mike,

I'm not aware of anyone running this program and complaining about it. As long as it is a legitimate program then we should work just fine with it. You can purchase a license and test it out and then if you do find an issue let us know and we'll try to correct it.

For actual business purchase though you'll need to contact Sales.


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Hi Ron,

Thanks for the interest.

Seems like I need to run this 'add-on' (issued free from the bank's website) and try it.

It was just I was hoping you guys may have heard of it (losts of banks appear to be recommending it) and could comment on how it worked against keylogger attacks and communication attacks, via DNS bypassing - compared to how MB works in these areas.

Not to worry though, however, any technical information on how Malwarebytes works against these 2 types of attack would be really helpful - I could read up on the Trusteer Rapport website, which has technical info. Do you have any such resources you could post them here or email them to me? You have my private email address.

BTW thanks for sorting out the resseller discount problem earlier this week.



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  • 10 years later...

Hello pwrcat4000.

Let me inquire.  Just what / where / how is that 


recommended to install Trusteer Rapport from Bank of America. 

being shown or relayed or ???

Was your browser actually on your B Of A  bank's site ?   was any such info shown by Bank of America ?

Actually, are you now having a issue with accessing your bank online ?   [ and I am presuming, you're only inquiring about your Windows device.]

I happen to have a Bank of America account & I do not recall seeing any sort of prompt about Trusteer.

[  The old postings here are indeed from 2010.  That's indeed a whole decade ago. There have been many enhancements & changes on Malwarebytes for Windows,  If anything, the real-time Premium protections in Malwarebytes for Windows have been vastly enhanced.]

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Just for the sake of clarity.  Bank of America does not require the use of Trusteer Rapport,  Though it does have an information page about it.
Do keep in mind, that Trusteer Rapport is a browser add-on from IBM Security.

Entirely separate from that, let me know which web browsers you use on your Windows PC  and whether they have the Malwarebytes Browser Guard on them.

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