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30 Old PC Ads That Will Blow Your Processor


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Thanks for sharing this :lol: It's neat to go and look at the old advertisements. Hehe the Sharp laptop ad is pretty cool :rolleyes:

We had some pretttyyy old Macs in school, and the oldest computer we had using at home that went online was Windows 95.

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I have a premium copy in excellent/like-new condition of ROM magazine Volume 1, Number 1, from July, 1977 with all tear-out/loose advertising cards intact. It has a 2-page color advertisement for the SOL SYSTEM I for $1649 (as a kit), and those are 1977 dollars, as well as a SOL SYSTEM III with 32K of memory, Sol-20/BASIC, Monitor (monochrome), HELIOS II Disk Memory System and BASIC diskette for $4237 in kit form; again 1977 dollars - equal to around $19,000 today.

Also includes a 2-page, centerfold, color advertisement for the NEW Intel "superfast" 8085 CHIP..

And articles written by the early pioneers of the "PC" community.. (PC does not equal "politically correct" - a word NOT in the 1977 dictionaries :rolleyes:)


My first Apple //e (not my first computer which was a TI/94A) with a 80 column card, 1 mhz CPU, 256K memory card, 2 floppy disks, a 300 baud modem and a monochrome display set me back $4500 (in 1982 dollars). A later SIDER 10 meg (not gig) SCSI HD was another $800. It ran a BBS called The RainForest BBS from 1982 thru 1990, eventually with a SysOp special 9.6/19.2Kbaud Hayes modem. ahhhh; the memories.. :lol: :lol:

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ShyWriter: Do you still have that Apple intact (an antique fortune :rolleyes: )?

My wife made me give them all to Goodwill (Apple ][ (2), Apple ][+ (1) and Apple //e (1) ) along with a bunch of other computer stuff in 1995 (to clean up my "office and storeroom") and I've hit my head against the wall several times a day since. I think I could get some nice $$ on eBay for them. I also had original copies of docs and floppies in original vinyl cases for a lot of Apple software including a primo, original version, complete copy of Visicalc, with documentation. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Water under the bridge... *sigh*

Wa'cha gonna do?


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Though all this old computer stuff is cool to remember back on, the best part of your post was this for me.

(PC does not equal "politically correct" - a word NOT in the 1977 dictionaries)


Thank you sir.. Indeed.. (Then there used to be child discipline, now called child ABUSE; flirting, now called SEXUAL HARASSMENT, etc, et al.. *sigh* :blink:) Guess that's why dinosaurs like me went extinct.. :)


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