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Reseller Discount Removed?

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Any partner resellers out there noticed that the discount when buying MB licenses no longer appears on the shopping cart screen when buying licences (after following the 'Partner Login' link)?

The last single license purchase I made was 19 July and got the usual discount.

Is there an error with the webpage for the partners or has the discount been removed?



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I'm experiencing the same thing.

I surely hope it's a snafu and I hope it's one that will be fixed ASAP!!! (like today or tomorrow please)

I have clients lined up for purchases and I'm holding off waiting to find out what's going on.

I basically I can easily (and completely honestly) convince every client of mine that it's in their best interest to purchase MBAM whether it's for other services and certainly / most definitely if it's related to an infection/cleanup. I tell them that this tool is necessary and will most likely be doing the "heavy lifting" to do the work they need and if they want to do this themselves go for it but if they are to be a client of mine in any way then an MBAM purchase is a no-brainer/no-questions item.

Since my added value to my clients/customers is NOT in selling high volumes of software but in developing longer term business relationships with them and providing many computer services there actually is a hassle factor involved in recommending software, accounting for it (bookkeeping) [where I come from I have to deal with the tax man] and some time / hassle factor pitching why this is a great and necessary (IMO) bit of software for their best interest [although I know it to be a no-brainer].

How things had been working until whatever is going on right now (hopefully a temporary problem being quickly fixed!) has allowed me to help MBAM sales and made it easier for me to not concern myself with the 'back office' hassles/time to help people get this, configure it, etc.

Yes - it does help provide some extra incentive to help 'back' and support MBAM although that is a smaller (but still important) aspect of feeling great about getting people on to MBAM.

If this is permanent then this will change my ability to get MBAM out to as many people and a change in my process, accounting, etc. Especially for those clients to whom I provide services for that are not infected but don't have MBAM and I think/recommend that they should. I know how to do it but it won't be as pleasant or easy and not as helpful.

- Davidi

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest/support!

I emailed the corporate support team at 14.16 BST with the issue, however, I've had no reply yet. Maybe this is a tech-support email only, however, with no other email contact addresses listed on the website what else does one do?

I will post any reply I receive for your information.

Just looked at the affiliates page, link below, and it still lists the 30% discount there, so maybe it's an error on the partner shopping cart page?



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