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RECYCLER virus is killing my computer

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I've been running Spyware Doctor with Antivirus for years with no known virus problems. Last week I used a memory card and reader to upload photos and video clips to my computer. They had a tranparent overlay which said PC Video at the top and jpg.com at the bottom. A websearch revealed that this is non-malignant malware and could be removed by deleting certain files in the Windows/system32 folder. I did and this cleared the problem. However, while doing this, I noted a folder called RECYCLER in my root directory because I had changed my folder options to "show hidden files and folders." I then checked all of my other drive directories and found the same folder.

I ran a scan with Spyware Doctor. It was clean. I did a registry scan and found several files in various locations in my registry, none of which would let me delete them. Searching various locations on the web there seemed to be a consensus that Malwarebytes Anti-malware was the only software that could remove this virus. I downloaded the Pro version and ran a scan. It found and removed four infections but not the RECYCLER infections.

I've now run a DDS scan and was attempting to run the third scan when the virus killed my desktop. I've now rebooted in the safe mode with networking to write this email. I've been told that reformatting will not clear this virus. Since I'm running Windows XP, I'll have to upgrade to Windows 7 if I reformat, though everything is backed up on Carbonite. Is it too late to save this computer or do I need to replace both of my hard drives? Can I run the third log scan in the safe mode? Neither of the two completed scans are showing up on my safe mode desktop nor do the additional copies I saved in a My Documents folder.

Everytime I reboot my computer the virus spreads or creates new infected folders.

I also noticed a security virus infection on my last boot and ran Malwarebytes scans using "Explore" Iexplore" and was attempting to run one with the random name when the virus locked up my computer and I had to reboot.

Caan anyone help or is it too late.


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