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A virus with the rootkit "max++"

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(Properties of this virus summarized below might want to read first but also please read this post entirely) After you read the post, please note that This post (on a different website) is from somebody who had the same exact problem and it was taken care of. however, this does not allow me to do it myself because, of course, the information is different. http://www.techsupportforum.com/security-c...over-world.html

After hours of searching the web for a fix it myself remedy, i have decided to post for help. I am trying to get this virus off of somebody's computer. It's a laptop windows vista home premium. This Virus (or whatever) completely stops all processes, such as all the "do this before posting" stuff like dds just crash. When i attempt to re open them i get "Windows can not access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." This happens to all anti virus scans/registry cleaners. In order to re use them I have to drag them into a thing called "inherit" but that does no good because when i try to use them they just crash again.

My only lead on hopefully getting rid of this was that I downloaded a program called "Spyware terminator" It ran a virus scan and all that. but it did not find my problem. But that doesn't matter. It has some annoying protection which tells you EVERYTHING that is starting up. If you aren't infected this gets very annoying. However, it did seem to find something on the laptop. When I tried to open internet explorer (which is broken I'm guessing ebcause of the virus) I got a message from spyware terminator. It told me that a program called "max++" was starting by internet explorer. I hit deny, nothing really happens. But the "max++" was my first sign of a name to this virus.

Summarized virus properties: Disables all antivirus programs and takes, as far as i can see, Administrative control over them. Disables internet explorer. Firefox opens but i always get a message that "the site I'm trying to reach is broken". At only one point i believe it disabled the laptop keyboard, a reset fixed that. All of this is true even in safe mode with networking.

For the time being im not conencting it to my network.

I am quite desperate here having spent MUCH time trying to fix this. I can download anything upon request and I can transfer it from this computer to the laptop. All help is appreciated, thanks!

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