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prevention of trojan infections


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what is the Main defense? i am no pc expert i really want to know. is it the firewall or what. I know you need all the other security but is the firewall the first layer of prevention?

I would say it is a combination of the firewall and antivirus>malware that makes up a computers defense

But the main defense is common sense when browsing or downloading from the web


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A layered protection is the best and as fletch said common sense. Nothing can prevent the ID10T error.

Many of these infections can be avoided with an added layer of prevention. All recommended programs are free and easy on system resources. You should install them as part of your protection arsenal.

A firewall and antivirus are also essential. The Windows firewall in XP and Vista is not sufficient.

Preform Windows Updates monthly on the second Tuesday or use automatic updates, and use your scanners weekly at the least. Always update before you scan.

Keep other software known for vulnerabilities updated also. Use the Secunia Inspector free scan to identify risks in outdated versions.


Spybot Search & Destroy Be sure to use the immunize feature.

SpywareBlaster from Javacool Software

WinPatrol by BillPStudios

SiteHound by FireTrust



The windows firewall is not sufficient to protect. It doesn't monitor outgoing traffic and this is a must. I use and recommend Online Armor Free

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