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antimalware doctor plus some?

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I would like to apologize in advance, I don't have any of the logs currently due to not being on the infected computer.

We have a Windows xp with service pack 3

However, yesterday a nasty virus got onto our family computer. It brought up a window that looked exactly like a windows update window for antimalware doctor. I honestly don't know if someone else may have clicked yes to let it install due to the official look.

We have Malwarebytes, Spybot, Kaspersky, hijackthis all installed but Kaspersky didn't seem to help much and it removed the exe files for malwarebytes and spybot. also prevented malwarebytes from being run after a reinstall.

we managed a boot into safemode with networking last night and managed to run malwarebytes but couldn't run the updates for some reason. It found over 500 threats and was able to remove all of them.

however the infection has remained. today we got firefox running but cannot connect to malwarebytes.org or spybot's website.(still can't run malwarebytes without being in safemode) we have found that it modified or created files in folders all over the computer, including adobe and java. we have been trying to systematically remove all files that look suspicious but haven't had much luck so far.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


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So i have found a work around to get malwarebytes up but it still won't let me update.(renaming the exe) i read that a using a proxy server can fix it but i know nothing about them and am uncertain what proxy to use.

any suggestions?


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