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Facebook Is to the Power Company as ...


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Compliments of The New York Times WEEK IN REVIEW:

Facebook Is to the Power Company as ...


Published: July 24, 2010

It was a typically vexing week for Facebook. On the one hand, the social-networking service signed up its 500 millionth active user. On the other hand, it was found to be one of the least popular private-sector companies in the United States by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Apparently, Americans were more satisfied filing their taxes online than they were posting updates on their Facebook page.

It is a continuing contradiction: Facebook is widely criticized for shifting its terms of service and for disclosing private information

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I share practically nothing via FB...

Also I hate how they made it so that you can't choose "no one" add you as a friend. My list was basically complete... now the minimum setting is friends of friends... not "no one". They need to change that...

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An extreme sceptic for most of my adult life, i view most all advertising/fads with a jaundiced eye. That puts me in a minority and i figure i should get special rights :)

It is a futile attitude given the masses who are brainwashed to "believe", the only redeeming quality of which would be the small bit of satisfaction derived from being able to say "told ya so". A scary thought is that having a facebook account could become a common requisite for being hired.

At one time in the distant past i did own an Edsel though :)

It appears to me that many of those who search for knowledge and frequent tech forums are less easily swayed by hype and the smell of used oats. The internet must be the largest two edged sword ever created.

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