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What did I miss?

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Hello All,

Newbie here...

I just purchased the full version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I downloaded and installed the product fine, but when I tried to register, the program asked for a product ID and License #, which I can't find on my receipt (including e-mailed copy).

I also purchased extended download privileges from the Cleverbridge e-commerce site, but cant' seem to get back there either. When I try to go to site indicated by the link in the receipt [https://static.cleverbridge.com/cs@cleverbridge.com], the browser reports that the site declines to display the page. Noting that the link didn't look standard, I tried to wack off the 'cs@cleverbridge.com' ending, but the root site gives no indication of where to go from there to get my stuff. WTF? :)

I am obviously missing something.

Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

Thanks; peace.

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I purchased two today. I don't believe it is on the receipt, but on the e-mail they send you.


Make sure you save the e-mail for future reference.

It is supposed to be on the e-mail. Mine was. It is all in the e-mail even the extended download service.

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Welcome Hellerex -

The above information is correct - The email you were sent from Cleverbridge contains the Key and ID and all information required -

Please check the item and Copy and Paste these 2 items into your registration panel -

Then also save the 2 items in notepad (or similar) for future reference -

Any problems at all please post back -

Thank You -

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