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MBAM - Trojan Simulator

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I know what I would like to do , create our ouwn test trojans but not like the current pathetic ones , these would be either a pain to detect or a pain to remove .

I want a test trojan that uses tricks like dont protect file and load point but recreate them every 2 seconds , these are a huge pain to remove (no problem for MBAM) . I want another test trojan that uses cloaking to hide its file and load point . I want another test trojan that uses a boot start driver and a locked file , this is another one that we could handle without a problem but will likely prevent a lot of other scanners from removing it . These three test trojans would represent current malware tech and provide a REAL test .

As far as a I know all current test trojans are pathetic when it comes to tech and provide nothing more than a simple test to see if detection is working . With how good malware tech has gotten this info tells the user nothing about how good their antimalware is at real detection and removal .

We will make these test trojans eventually but it wont be even close to a high priority . Once we do it will be very interesting to see how other scanners do against them and even more interesting so see how scanners with a free version do .

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