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quick query on purchase

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Hi there,

I am intending to buy the full version of malwarebytes and also more than 1 so that I can install it on a couple of family computers. If I take advantage of the multiple purchase discount, is there a time limit on activating the licence as I am intending to purchase another laptop possibly in a couple of months and thought I may as well take advantage of the saving as long as the licence key doesn't expire?

Will the real time protection conflict with Avast 5's resident shields?

many thanks


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Hi Alex,

many thanks for your reply

could I ask how effective the real time protection is or how it works as recently one of the family pc's has picked up a virus, I believe it is the one that affects the windows security center( i haven't seen them yet to try malwarebytes on it), they run avast and I know for certain they don't visit any dodgy sites so would have expected avast's shields to stop this. Would malwarebytes be effective in stopping this type of attack?


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The real time is very effective in addition to your anti virus protection. Not all products can detect 100% of threats since thousands upon thousands of new ones are created everyday, which is probably why it got past Avast.

Most likely Malwarebytes would have stopped it because it is very effective about detecting rogue software, such as the virus that you explained. There are no guarantees that it would have stopped it, but most likely.

The paid version of Malwarebytes also features Malicious IP blocking, which blocks malicious sites that you visit and also any malicious parts of a webpage. This would stop the threat before it even got the chance to download!

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