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Removal of Update Icon

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Anybody got any ideas on how to remove this annoying update shield icon from my taskbar - :D

The KB982311 update will not install (after 2 weeks) and just sits there wanting to install after each shutdown -

I have tried to set the taskbar to not show it , but it still shows after each reboot - :D

Any way to delete it or remove it would be great -

Thanks -

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If that fix doesn't work, give this one a try:

Run the Windows Update Reset Tool:

  • Please download the Windows Update Reset Tool from here and save it to your desktop.
  • Double click the MicrosoftFixit50202 to begin
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and run it in Agressive Mode
  • Reboot your computer if asked to do so
  • Let me know in your next reply if the issue is corrected

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You can keep it if you wish for future use. Hopefully you won't need it again though.

I also highly recommend that you do the following now:

Keep your system updated:

Microsoft releases patches for Windows and other products regularly:

  • I advise you visit Microsoft Update
  • Install the Active X
  • Once installed it will recommend that you turn on Automatic Updates if not set and you then you will be able to manually check for updates also via:
  • Start >> All Programs >> Microsoft Updates
  • Install any critical updates that are available then reboot when it asks you to
  • Return to the site again to check for more updates and install them
  • Repeat this process until it says there are no important updates to install

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Thanks -

I did have Auto Updates on (that is where the item came from) and I checked manually to make sure it was a genuine update -

Then I had rechecked for any others but it still said that this was a required update !!

I might save the tool somewhere as well -

Regards -

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Did it offer the update again after running the Windows Update Fixit tool? If so, then you do need to try and install it. It may be preferrable to download the update installer directly and try to install it that way. It can be downloaded from this page. Just save the file to your desktop and double-click on it to run it. Hopefully it will install successfully now.

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The M/soft item is still listed as an item to be installed , but the item is for Office 2003 which is not installed on this system -

When I went to add the Office 2003 it will not install even from my desktop ??

I will just use the removal tool if it downloads again -----

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Office 2003 is not installed? Was it installed previously? If so, that would explain why the update is being offered as well as why it's failing to install.

Note: Only do this if you DO NOT have Office 2003 installed on your system.

Run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility:

  • Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from link pulled by Microsoft, please see here and save the file to your desktop
  • Double-click on msicuu2.exe to install the utility
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation
  • Once you've clicked Finish at the end of the installation click on Start>All Programs and select Windows Install Clean Up
  • Click once on the following to highlight it:

    • Office 2003

    [*]Then click on the Remove button and click OK when prompted

After that's done, reboot your PC and check for updates again and let me know if it still offers that update or not.

Thanks :)

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  • Root Admin
While the Windows Installer Cleanup utility resolved some installation problems, it sometimes damaged other components installed on the computer. Because of this, the tool has been removed from the Microsoft Download Center. The Fix it Solutions in this article provide the ability to fully remove Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 suites without damaging other Windows components.
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Thanks for that, Ron.

I used the Windows Installer Clean-Up utility about a year and a few months ago after my registry-cleaner incident... and I don't think it damaged anything else on this machine. It's good that they took it down though, since that was a potential risk of using it.

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Well I have that tool saved in my toolbox for later use, but thanks for this KB article as it helped me solve a problem I had at another location where we could not uninstall offce 2007 to fix an issue.

This place is a great source and has a wealth of information.... glad I found this forum.....

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