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IM Virus

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It spams everyone on your IM list with a message asking if a picture is them with a link. If you click on the link it wants to install somewhere. I had this happen once before(it was a lot less intrusive virus that time) but stupid me still went ahead and clicked the link and installed it to my desktop where I opened it. I should have known better after the last one, especially since the icon on the desktop didn't look like any gif or jpeg icon but it came from somebody I trusted. I've even told people not to open picture link messages in IM but I didn't heed my own advice.

So anyway, I clicked on a picture link in Yahoo Instant Messenger and got this virus. It's like an overlay on top of my browser window. It makes the browser area underneath a little darker and I can't access anything in that area. It goes about halfway down the screen roughly. There's a white window in the middle that asks for human confirmation to make sure you're not a bot and there's a few links in this white window. If you click on one of the links it seems to lock up whatever website you're on at the time. The white inner window turns black and it says that human confirmation failed(or something like that) and to try again later. Then it seems the black failure window comes up every time you try to navigate back to that site for a little awhile. When I went to a few other sites my browser seemed to work okay again for a brief period(which may have just been a coincidence). It came back eventually though on another site with the original white window.

There's also a window that comes up with a Windows Explorer header if you try to navigate away from the page you're on mentioning something about a survey concerning spam(something like that) and asking if you want to navigate away from that page.

Has anyone seen a virus like this before and how do I deal with it? I'm using IE and Windows Vista.

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