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Sandwiches in a can: Can-do or can-don


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Well, this has bread, jelly, and PB. :)

Spam is... spam :) lol I had it once like 8 years ago.

Have you had Spam? It's okay, but not my food of choice.

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Have you had Spam? It's okay, but not my food of choice.

1,295,178 Hawaiians can't be wrong - it's like the national food over there. :)

I eat SPAM every now and again - Like you say, it's not my food of choice either but I was in the military and can tell you it's more edible than some of those MREs (K rations in my day). Hey, a slathering of Miracle Whip, slice of tomato, slice of cheese and several slabs of SPAM on your bread of choice is quite good. :)

Green eggs and Spam... yum!! :)


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Noknojon I eat Peanutbutter and jam sandwiches. It's not just those in the USA. :lol: They're yum. If I don't have any jam in the cupboard then I will have something other than PB in my sandwich. Canned sandwiches aren't likely to take off here though.

I think vegemite is icky. Marmite is wonderful though!

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Actually both are healthy, but in different ways. Peanuts are an excellent source of protein, and while they are high in fat and energy - peanut oil is actually a healthy kind of oil - one that is protective of the heart. There isn't much in jam other than sugar and fruit - but the goodness in the fruit is largely destroyed by boiling it to flinders when you make it. I only add the jam for the taste. :D Marmite and vegemite are healthy because they are fortified with a lot of extra vitamins and minerals, and you get a lot of goodness for the the serving size you have. It is naturally high in B vitamins as it is made from yeast. It is not a source of protein though - that's why cheese is perfect with it!

A little of everything in moderation is the key. :D

I know re spreading vegemite thinly noknojon. I'm a kiwi. :D We all grew up on marmite/vegemite on toast. There is a difference in taste for sure. My mother used to try and trick me but it never worked. I find vegemite a bit sour but marmite is goooooood.

Jelly is wobbly stuff you have with icecream at kids parties where I'm from. I think Americans call what we call jelly "jello", but I'm not 100% on that. It wouldn't go nicely in a PB sandwich though! :D

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