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Malware Takes Forever to Complete Scan.

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So last night I tried this and I capped at 4+ hours to scan roughly 60,000 objects. Thing is, it didn't even complete the scan! I just gave up, X'd out, and went to bed. I didn't have anything else open besides when I became frustrated started searching for help on it.

I tried again this morning and I scanned 15,000 in 3 minutes....now it's at approx. 28,500 in 45 minutes. :D

What gives?

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Hi Squirrely and welcome to the Malwarebytes Security Forums :D.

As mentioned it would be best to perform some form of system maintenance on a regular basis, to get the best performance from MBAM.

Rather than myself explaining you may be more persuaded by this: Help! My computer is slow! complied/written by a well respected lady whom is a MVP and a member of the Malwarebytes Security Forums, as well as many other ASAP forums.

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I was doing a quick scan, and it's version 1.24. Also I use Windows XP.

Okay, no problem. I suspect you have alot of temp files hanging around.

Might I suggest ccleaner, cleanup!, or atf-cleaner. Run one of those, let them clean up the temp files, and then quick scan with mbam again.

Please report back your results!

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