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Best FREE Anti-Virus to use as a combo w/free MBAM?

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I'd never even heard of 'virtual memory' until those notices started popping up on my computer.

If you would like to learn a bit more about what virtual memory is, and about why the extra RAM will help, then I recommend reading the article at this link. :D

So just to summarize; the free MBAM program alongside MSE is fine (those two do 'play nice'), as opposed to MSE and the paid version of MBAM, correct?

Yep, the free scanner works just fine with MSE keeping watch over your computer. It's just our protection module that MSE does not like.

I've been warned on both this board and the answers.microsoft.com board that scanning your registry is a no-no, but CCCleaner won't harm my computer--can someone explain the difference between CCCleaner and the rest of the tons of registry cleaners out there which makes them dangerous to use?

Most registry cleaners are what some like to call 'crapware'. They don't do a whole lot, they are pretty bloated and degrade the performance of your computer instead of increasing it, and most of them make absurd boasts that they cannot hold to (it's impossible to make the kind of difference that most registry cleaners claim they can). CCleaner is not like this at all, and is a fairly handy utility.

That being said, registry cleaning doesn't necessarily fix problems, and it doesn't really increase performance. A good registry defrag from a program like NT Registry Optimizer (NTREGOPT) will effect the performance quite a bit more than a registry cleaner will. Just make sure you create a System Restore Point before playing with any of these registry tools. :)

Finally, ould a third security-oriented program such as SpybotS&D, SpywareBlaster, SuperAntiSpyware or PCTools used in conjunction with MSE & MBAM (freebie) be a recommended strategy to utilize?

Yes, Spybot Search & Destroy has some great immunization features to help prevent infection, and it detects older stuff that is no longer "In The Wild" that MBAM won't detect (just don't allow it to install it's 'TeaTimer' component). Spyware Blaster is also good for Internet Explorer users who want to stay a little safer online. You may also want to look into using hpHosts to add some extra protection (note that utilities such as HostsMan can be used to automatically keep the hpHosts file updated).

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I have a three-year old HP Desktop with Windows XP Professional 2002 Edition w/SP3, and I installed Norton's free antivirus program, which I plan to use in combination with MBAM's free product.

Is there anything else I need to install besides the free MBAM product, or would I be better off with the paid product from MBAM?


Here's what security system I use on my comp:

AVG (Internet Security, not free)

Spybot Search & Destroy Resident


Windows Firewall (duh)

So I'd recommend that. Except AVG free kinda stinks... don't use avira free it doesn't work that well anymore. Get the premium

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Antivir Avira Free + MBAM Pro will just be sufficient for your needs......otherwise go for a paid antivirus + free MBAM combination....

Nod32 + MBAM free will also do the job well.....Nod32 is very fast and leaves little footprints....MSE is also good when it comes to resources consumption...I have not tested it yet however.

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I was told by a Microsoft CSR that the free version of MBAM works very well in conjunction with MSE when I had a security-related issue with my HP laptop which was eventually solved; he put MSE on his computer when it was released, and has had no issues using it as a tandem with the free version of MBAM.

I've never heard of 'Nod32'---what is that?

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