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Scan locks up on specific file

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Updated MWB this morning to DB v4298 and started usual weekly Quick scan. After 2m31s, the program stopped at file c:\program files\mozilla firefox\plugins\npsabffx.dll.

Could not pause/stop/or exit the program, PC was locked up, and I had to do a reboot. Ran MWB again, but same time, same file and same lock up once more.

I have learned that this particular file is installed by SuperAdBlocker and has been in my FF plugins for some considerable time. After reading advice from Mozilla, I renamed this file, and ran MWB again, this time successfully. Is there any explanation why this file should be causing a problem? I can think of nothing which has changed on my PC since the previous scan a week ago, other than the updated MWB database. Should confess that I always run MWB in normal XP SP2 operating mode, rather than safe mode, but have never yet been affected by malware.

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Not sure about your firefox file but....

By the way,

It would be a good idea to update to SP3 as support (including new security updates) ended July 13, 2010 for SP 2:

As Disscussed HERE

Please post back if you have further questions.

Thank You :)

Thanks for the reply. I renamed the offending file npsabffx.dll back to its original name last night, then tried another quick scan and it sailed through without any problems. So, just a glitch, hopefully.

SP3 advice noted. I think I'm closer to moving to Windows 7 than updating XP!

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Hi mandraker -

Just an add on to the reply from Firefox -

Please note that Malwarebytes should always be operated in normal mode - It is not designed to run in safe mode -

Thank You -

Bitten again! After updating database today, scan stopped on same file, everything locked up, and another reboot needed. This time, I got MWB to scan just that file, and it reported no problems. Makes me wonder if it might not be that particular file that's causing the problem since a) when I rename it, the scan completes, :) but when I scan just that file it passes muster, and c) MWB did a complete and successful scan 4 days ago with that file included. That "hit-and-miss" history is definitely unusual in my experience of MWB, but what can I do to track down any other guilty party and stop this glitch?

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Please Copy and Paste this code into the Run box - The code will restart your computer add run a full 5 stage Disk Check and repair -

Close all programs and allow the Check Disk scan to run - This will take about 30-60 mins depending on your system - Let it run to finish -


Thank You -


Please use the ADD REPLY Tab at the bottom of the page when responding -

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Ran as suggested - no problems indicated.

The fact that I can't find any other reference anywhere to the problem seems to suggest that my file might have become corrupted. But, rather than reinstall it, I've decided to try to bypass this problem by disabling the SuperAdBlocker plugin, renaming the offending file, and installing AdBlock Plus instead. A scan has completed successfully.

Am grateful for your help, just the same.

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