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Licensing on Dual-Boot machine and more...

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Hello, everybody! I am currently running a Windows XP Pro machine on an Intel Core Duo 2.6 GHz. I am considering a dual-boot install of Windows 7. I have heard many wonderful things about MalWareBytes and am strongly considering purchasing a license. Before I do, I would like to ask a few questions:

1. One month ago, before I had even heard about MalWareBytes, I had to do a hard format of my HDD and a total reinstall of WinXP Pro due to a Rootkit :D . (Fortunately, I had done some recent backups of my personal data.) If I were to purchase one MalWareBytes license, install and register MalWareBytes full version on my current OS, but for some reason (heaven forbid), reformat the drive and reinstall the OS, would I need to purchase another license to access MalWareBytes full version again?

2. With one MalWareBytes license, if I were to install and register MalWareBytes full version on Windows XP Pro and then install Windows 7 on a new partition on the same computer, would I need to purchase another MalWareBytes license to be able to use the MalWareBytes full version on the Windows 7 partition too?

3. What is the difference between downloading and registering MalWareBytes through this website vs. buying the retail package at a store? I ask since I have seen that some stores claim that the software on the retail CD is only good for one year.

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Welcome to the forum -

In basic response to your questions ;

One license is for a lifetime - You can always reinstall the Key and ID for your license if you have problems -

Secondly (and as above) it is good for one computer at any time , for your lifetime -

The retail stores only resell 'backup' for one year - Your license is always sold via Cleverbridge , the company that handles ALL final sales -

Our online backup is always via here , and will continue to be -

You can see this area http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showforum=7 where we are always helping people - As a paid customer you get first help in these areas , as well as online help -

Thank you -

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  • Root Admin

The lifetime license is only for home users and does not include any type of business, government, educational, non-profit, or other types of business. All other customers need to contact Corporate Sales in order to obtain proper licensing.

There is currently no authorization to install, test, or run our program on a business system without licensing.

Yes you can use the key on a single system that boots as many operating systems as you like (again as long as it's just a home computer and you're not using Terminal Services or similar to share out resources to another user, this does not apply to any type of business system)


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