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Blocking of apparent non-infected site

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On #2 computer I have a paid for working MalBytes program. It works great. However, today it repeatedly blocked a site that I am quite sure ?? is non-infected, i.e. it is a charting program site for futures traders and I know that it has lots of customers using it on a daily basis. The site is: sierrachart.com. I have accessed this site on my #3 computer which has the free MalBytes installed (no blocking ability) and, after accessing the site, I ran a scan - no infection found. I have also accessed this site on computer #1 (no MalByte program used).

Any ideas? What am I missing here? Thanks for any help.

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Hello dmkinter and :D

@ The Paid Version of Malwarebytes'

"If a notification is presented on a safe site, and the site loads, it is likely the site was loading content that is hosted on an IP known for malicious activity. In this case, the site itself will be displayed perfectly fine, with the malicious content being blocked. If however, the site does not load, it is likely the site is also hosted on the same malicious IP address. It is also entirely possible that the site in question, shares it's IP address with other malicious domains. IP's and IP ranges are blocked if they are either dedicated to malicious content, or have a higher proportion of malicious content, than non-malicious. So for example, if contains 1000 sites and over 50% are malicious, then will be blocked (and even then, if we can get the hosting company to take down the malicious sites, then even better as we do not like blocking shared IP's or IP ranges if we don't have to)."

For more information on how the IP Blocker works read HERE

If you believe this is a False Positive, you can report it HERE

Please read HERE before posting in the False Positive Section

@ The Free version of Malwarebytes'

Features a fully functional software that detects and removes malware but without the IP Blocker and Scheduler which is only in the Paid Version

Thanks :D

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