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AntiVirus Master?

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Hi all! I have a malware infection and not sure exactly what it is. When I click on the link to try and figure out where it wants to take me... The two sites is points to are scanner.shredder-scan.com and the other is scanner.anvi-scanner.com. The only google results I've found have pointed to Antivirus Master but in the short time I had with that computer I didn't see AVM anywhere... When I go back I'll look but I was just curious if it could be something else.

Currently I'm at work and will go back home at lunch to try to remove the software and I'm going to try the Malwarebytes program first to see what happens. It sucks cause the task manager is not available and I keep getting stupid pop-ups.


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Thanks! I ran your software earlier this afternoon and it seemed to whoop AVM's a$$! I just found your directions here though so I'm also doing the Spybot stuff. Also, I have some funky symptom where my wallpaper is just white. The background color is even set to black and there is an image centered in at as well... After the system loads up, the background is fine and then about 25 seconds later everything just goes white. I've tried to switch up my background settings but nothing is working so far... I just have a white screen.

Have you seen this before?

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Here's my Hijack this log... This white desktop is rather annoying! heh

Please do not post Hijackthis logs here. This isn't the proper area. Please go here http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=7. Read the first two posts and follow the instructions, someone there will be happy to assist you.

--- Edit by Raid (snip hijackthislog contents)

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