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Help please can't run malwarebytes

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Hello ForestFF and :D

If your issues are malware related, I suggest letting one of the Experts have a look at it to start the cleaning process. It is a FREE service

As we don't work on Malware removal in the General Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Forum as it is for issues with the program itself, only in the Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs section

Please read and follow the Directions Here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW Topic Here

One of the Expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.

Please note that it may take 48 hours or more for you to receive a response in the malware removal forum, as it is often busy at times. Please do not reply to your own post asking for help unless its been more than 48 hours since you originally posted, as this can make it appear as though you are being helped and take longer for you to get help. If no one has replied within 48 hours then please go ahead and either reply to your post or send a private message to a Moderator and let them know that you're still needing assistance.

Logs to reply with: MBAM and DDS/GMER

If you are unable to do all or any of the steps in the link to the directions above, just post your problem into the forum I gave you a link to anyway and someone will be able to assist you.

Prompt responses to instructions and performing the required fixes as soon as possible is always best.

During this scan and cleanup process you should not install any other software unless requested to do so.

After posting your new post make sure under options that you select Track this topic and choose one of the Email options so that you're alerted when someone has replied to your post.

Also, when replying, please use the ADDREPLYccEuD.jpg button located at the bottom of the page, as this makes the forum easier to read.

Alternatively, as a paying customer, you can contact the help desk at support@malwarebytes.org or HERE

For NON-Malware related issues:

If you are getting errors when trying to run Mbam, please post back what errors you are getting along with os and security software installed

Thanks :P

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Thanks Wide Glide.

Windows XP pro. Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, and Adaware are installed.

I keep getting Windows Security Alert, Spyware alerts, etc. I managed to run Malwarebytes in safe mode and ran a HiJackthis log. I can go through the directions above hopefully if you think that is best at this point. Or should I post a new topic in HiJackthis log's area?

Actually, I can't open the text log on my desktop or run any of the above programs unless I'm rebooted in safe mode.

I appreciate the help!

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Just post what you did in your first post along with what you just posted in the Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs section as I suggested.

I am no Expert, so I can not(not allowed) to suggest anything further in that area. When one of the Experts respond to your post, they will advise you what needs to be done.



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