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Suggestion: Program Malwarebytes to block the unknown?

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I second that. Would really like to see another anti-malware/spyware program similar to Spyware Terminator providing HIPS. Perfect combo with the following:

Avira Antivir Free edition

Zone Alarm/Comodo Firewall(Defense disabled)

Mbam Pro with HIPS

Superantispyware Pro

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the suggestion :).

I'm not a big fan of HIPS applications myself as I find them far too confusing to use for most average users (myself included). I've installed plenty of programs in my lifetime and many of them were "unknown" but were perfectly safe and it is likely that for many novice users of HIPS programs (again, myself included :D) would have issues and end up reporting tons of FP's.

I wouldn't mind so much if we perhaps made a separate HIPS program, but that would be up to the developers.

Please keep the suggestions coming guys, we read them and need them to make our products better for everyone. Just because I don't necessarily like an idea doesn't mean the developers don't and the more feedback we get the better :D.

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I wonder whether a HIPS-type program either added or in addition to MBAM is really necessary. Surely a little forethought coupled with a little less button/link-clicking and ensuring that the radio button for Automatic prompting for file downloads (in Tools\internet Options\Security(tab)\Custom Level(tab)...is enabled. This last bit applies to Internet Explorer - I'm not sure about other web browser equivalents of that option.

Just my two cents' worth of thought for the day :)

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