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Feature request: Silently run Flash Scan after successful update

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Thanks for the fine program. I am a reseller partner and sell many copies per week.

I would like to request the "Run Flash Scan after successful update" setting to have the ability to "Perform flash scan silently from the system account".

I find it annoying to have the flash scan pop up every hour.

I already have the "Perform scheduled scan silently from the system account" option checked for my scheduled scans, so I can tell you have made accommodation for this before. It would complement this setting well to have it also available for the flash scan after update.

I hope you find this suggestion useful.

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Yes, you can schedule an update and then schedule a Flash Scan separately to occur silently at some time after the scheduled update is set to occur, but I believe MikeRepairsComputers was referring to the option in the Updates portion of the scheduler.

I personally believe the point of the Flash Scan after a successful update feature is just to do a real quick check for infections so the user is notified if something that was previously not in the database but is in the database after the update is on their system but that doesn't mean that having more control over that feature is a bad thing.

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I too would like to see this included. As was already pointed by MikeRepairsComputers, MBAM already has the ability to run scans as a system account. It would be nice to see it extended to include automatic scan that happens after an update. The way it works now, and when "Run Flash Scan after successful update" is selected, there are errors generated after every successful update. (i.e logs below have a scheduled update at 10:00). This repeats for every update and it does not run.

10:00:06 (null) MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully

10:00:06 (null) MESSAGE IP Protection stopped

10:00:09 (null) ERROR Scheduled scan failed: GetUserToken failed with error code 0

10:00:15 (null) MESSAGE Database updated successfully

10:00:16 (null) MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

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EDIT: a work around of course is to disable "Run Flash Scan after successful update" and schedule a FlashScan a few minutes after the scheduled update.

As a side, it would also be nice to be able to edit a schedule instead of having to delete and create a new one to in order to make a change.

Thanks for the great product though. I has saved me time from undoing the mess malware can cause on my family's computer.

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