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Unable to connect to specific website


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There's a couple of website I browse to watch highlights of cricket games played around the world. There are:

(1) cricket-online.tv

(2) mycrickethighlights.com

However, for the past month or so, I am unable to connect to either of these sites. I've tried to do this through IE and Firefox but I am unable to connect. I know the sites work since I've tried to connect from other PCs in my home and I am able to do that successfully.

I worked with the Level 2 support of my ISP for almost 2 hours and we did a host of things and was able to connect for a few hours before the issue relapsed. I've done extensive research on the web and tried some of the proposed solutions but nothing seems to work for me so far. Would appreciate any help.

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Hello and :P

I assume you are using the Pro version of Malwarebytes.... if so these seem to be blocked with the Malwarebytes Website blocking feature. I tried going to the first one and it was blocked.

You can try reporting it in the False Positives section for review LOCATED HERE

Or you can add these sites to the ignor list if you feel they are safe.

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Yes, I am using the PRO version. I'm confident that these websites are safe...however, I'm not sure how I can make the changes you are asking me to do. Can you provide more specific directions on what changes I need to make to the Malwarebytes and how?

I will also add this to the FALSE POSITIVES section.

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Hi sun_up -

This information is all Here in the FAQ area, (section G) along with more information you may want to read -

I received a notification on a safe site, why?

If a notification is presented on a safe site, and the site loads, it is likely the site was loading content that is hosted on an IP known for malicious activity. In this case, the site itself will be displayed perfectly fine, with the malicious content being blocked. If however, the site does not load, it is likely the site is also hosted on the same malicious IP address. It is also entirely possible that the site in question, shares it's IP address with other malicious domains. IP's and IP ranges are blocked if they are either dedicated to malicious content, or have a higher proportion of malicious content, than non-malicious. So for example, if contains 1000 sites and over 50% are malicious, then will be blocked (and even then, if we can get the hosting company to take down the malicious sites, then even better as we do not like blocking shared IP's or IP ranges if we don't have to).

How do I disable this?

We wouldn't recommend disabling it, but if you must, you can do this by right clicking the MBAM tray icon, and unchecking "IP Protection". Also see the Registry modifications below.

Thank You -

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