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sha1sum or md5 checksum

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Hello, there! I have an integrity to be a simple question: does the software development team provide *official* checksums with every release somewhere publicly accessible on this web site? I am interested in both the checksum hashes of the installation binary and to the manual virii definitions update binary blob. Optimally, I would like to see sha1sums -- beggars can't necessarily be choosers, though! In particular, I am hoping to verify your checksums on file to these two URLs:



I do not have any particular reason to doubt that these two files I downloaded are infected in any way, shape or form, but you know what they say about assumptions! :-) I thought it was especially ironic that this piece of software had not clearly advertised such checksums with its particular interests involved with virus removal. I spent 5-10 minutes searching through the known internet (Google's index) and was not able to find anything :-(

Whereas I do not doubt for a moment that the software would perform its own integrity checks upon initial execution, it still makes *a lot* of sense to publish checksum hashes for those especially paranoid types like myself! :-) Integrity is found not in a sole source, but in the collective wisdoms ...

Lastly, I apologize if this is a silly question that would have been answered had I not hold off one more day to install this software onto the infected machine! I personally do not have access to a win32 box (as I choose not to install *shudders*) and it will be another day before I am ready to put myself at the prompt of such an infected machine ... Keep up the great work for your product is rock solid perfecto in my eyes! Even if you were to cease development tomorrow and only provide definition updates for the next 5 years (read: when Microsoft decides to censored everything up again..) you would have a worthy contender then as you do now -- you'll lose me on the day the bloat arrives!

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Hello Carp,

the checksum info of version 1.46:

md5 - 6ae625d478c96a378dfc9683f9db34ba

sha1 - a20dcd89da54572d34d076329c6d1634046c8537

sha256 - 4a57a0ac1201d400aea4174b4ac3a6606204979c2e934c19458158cfe2aebad2


and the one downloaded from majorgeeks is different:


I just downloaded and installed mbam-setup-1.46.exe a couple of days ago (June 6 or so) from the link on your homepage which led to majorgeeks.com. The md5 for that file is:


...and the size is slightly larger than the current file that I can get from CNET with the md5 that you've listed here. Can you please tell me if that is the md5 of the earlier file or if I should be worried? Thanks.

MajorGeeks has an affiliate version -- it has a different MD5.

(the above quotes can be found at the post Malwarebytes 1.46 released )

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