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Have been getting pop-ups from Malwarebytes for a few days now and it keeps saying that has been blocked.

Around about when that started Norton reported that the IP address has disappeared from one of my network adapters (Teredo tunneling pseudo interface). Could this have been caused by something with the blocked address?

Does anyone know what the blocked IP address is linked to and if it is affecting anything on my computer?

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It's a hosting service. At least ONE of their customers (More than one site on that same IP - a virtual IP instead of a static IP) runs a bad site so MBAM blocks the IP address itself.

WHOIS Results

You Searched for:

Record Type: IP Address

OrgName: Hosting Services, Inc.


Address: 164 N Spring Creek Parkway

City: Providence

StateProv: UT

PostalCode: 84332

Country: US

ReferralServer: rwhois://secure.mpcustomer.com:4321

NetRange: -


OriginAS: AS32780


NetHandle: NET-173-244-192-0-1

Parent: NET-173-0-0-0-0

NetType: Direct Allocation




RegDate: 2010-05-10

Updated: 2010-05-10


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Without knowing the site you were on at the time, it's difficult to pin down the source. However, this specific IP is on SoftLayer IP space, which is why it's blocked. The only thing I'm seeing on this IP is z116hotcache.simplecdn.net

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