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Is there any way to run this program w/o booting into XP?

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We have problems with administrator accounts at work and when we download the program we are unable to install and use it.

We have noticed that there are other av programs which can be used from a bootable CD. We are trying to get rid of our second infection with rogue Antimalware Doctor. We were successful with a bootable CD the last time but i think we missed wiping our browser's cache -- Firefox -- upon reboot and now have another one of these nasties. i think we now have the AV AntiSpyware now - we're writing this from our PCLinuxOS 2010 box at home. Thank God for Linux. The bootable CD did not actually find the rogue but with the help of some instructions we had downloaded we were able to modify the Registry and find a couple of the files and delete them. If your MWBT won't run from a CD i suspect we'll go the same route and this time remember to delete the FF's cache.

Hope you have a great evening! :)

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Since this is being used in a corporate environment (ie. your work) you will have to do the following below.....

Please send an email to Corporate Support Team <corporate-support@malwarebytes.org> with your Cleverbridge order reference number and they will assist you.

But also to answer your question, Malwarebytes was not designed to work off of a bootable CD, or to scan Windows while offline. Malwarebytes was designed to work with windows running in normal mode so that it can find and remove the malware found.

In a worst case scenario the Experts may have you run it in safe mode (in developer mode) to get logs so they know how to help you best.

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