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Realtime updates no longer work

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As of yesterday, for whatever reason, realtime updates or any other scheduled updates no longer function. There are no apparent errors, etc., unless I'm looking in the wrong place. I have NIS 2010 and SuperAntiSpyware, which have cooperated with each other for a long time now. I have added the necessary exclusions for each program respectively from the start, as well, to minimize any potential for conflict.

System details:

W7 Home Premium x64

MBAM 1.46 database version 4264, which had to be updated manually just now to 4265

SASPro 4.39.1002


Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is any information that I did not include, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Realtime updates has never worked well for me beginning with 1.44. It seems to work OK for a while then just stops.

I opened a ticket for 1.45; this was the response: "We've been looking into some few systems which exhibit this and are attempting to recreate it." And that was it.

Seeing the same behavior in 1.46, I opened another ticket and: "So far you're the first, we'll see who else surfaces. One user out of millions is not suitable to do any type of conclusive troubleshooting and effect changes to the software. To make any changes to software based on one user would be irresponsible to the other untold millions who don't have the issue."

(I can back this up with ticket numbers and email forwards.)

Currently I consider it a broken feature and since the hourly update repeating every 1 hour with a 1 hour recover works A-OK, I'm satisfied I got my money's worth. You know, me being just the one of the untold millions. :)

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Well that kinda sucks. I had read about the issues others were having, but this is the first time I've experienced it, fortunately (or unfortunately). While you seem to be able to get the hourly update to work, none of it works for me anymore. I've since disabled SASPro, since I was having an issue with one of the processes hanging. This all occurred right around the same time, oddly enough. Maybe a NIS update?

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Could be the NIS update, do you have the Parental Contols add on pac with your Norton?

Hi -

Are you running Norton A/V? -

Anyone that is running Norton internet security that still has the update error (12150,0, win http query headers ) do you have nortons add on pac? If not, you are probily one of the few that has had no problems. If you have the add on pac you can go to setting then click on parental and privacy controls and disable them. Mbam will update with no problems

Someone has found the problem that is with the add on pac and hopefuly norton will have a fix.

Thank You - :)

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Hello agtech -

As a paying customer, you can contact the help desk at support@malwarebytes.org or via this help desk link Here -

Our on line experts will be able to assess your problem further -

Thank You -

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time. Fortunately, this problem kinda resolved itself with a bit of prodding. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, which didn't work initially. I then did it a second time with the same results. Oddly enough, the third time was a charm and it began updating in real time again. Not entirely sure what had happened, as there were no error messages, nor anything in the logs (except that they had previously shown that there had been no updates for something like 4 days prior to this).

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