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Big problems for Dell?


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That's most unfortunate, but in the short time I worked as a PC tech I've seen similar cases with several vendors where certain models/series they would release would all be likely to failure due to a known faulty component. No need to say who or anything as I've seen it happen with several and it's been so long now that it most likely doesn't apply to any current PC's.

Still though, as a tech it was always difficult when having to deal with customers who bought these faulty parts, send it off to the manufacturer to be "repaired" for them under their warranty, only to know the whole time that the faulty part would simply be replaced with a not-yet-failed faulty part and that once the customer's warranty ran out, regardless of how many times the faulty part was replaced (with yet another faulty part), the customer would be stuck with a paperweight :).

The moral of the story? If you aren't certain about what you're buying and you can afford to do so, buy the service plan offered at the retailer. It will generally contain a clause that allows you to get store credit if a computer fails 3 times, requiring repair for the same problem (ie, if the hard drive fails 3 times and is replaced 3 times within the 2 or 3 year period of the service plan) you get a store credit to buy a new PC at the value of your original PC, which if it's been a year or two, means that you will most likely get something more powerful than what you had originally since PC's continue to become more powerful and less expensive as time goes on :D.

If you're like me and you don't like paying those hundreds of dollars for a service plan, do your homework and know what you're buying.

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I am kinda iffy on Dells just because I've had a few issues with them, but this is the icing on the cake... next computer won't be a Dell!

Thanks for posting the article, Goldhound :D

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I used to buy Dell computers all the time but somewhere along the line, I got fed up with Dell's type of support, while I also got a better deal on an HP and I've stayed with HP; then I finally bought the wife a new Dell computer for Christmas at SAMS (with a SAMS 3-year extended warranty - $250-300 cheaper than Dell's extended warranty) because it was a much better deal than a comparable HP.

I'd definitely not buy Dell again after the reported capacitor incident but for the time being, I've got 3 and 1/2 years of warranty left so I'm not worried. :D


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We have 2 18 month old Dell laptops and there have been issues. Right after warranty expired one lost its screen backlight, both have ongoing issues with not waking from sleep mode that Dell could never fix, i upgraded the BIOS with no luck. That is a common problem with the Studio laptops.

My wife got fed up a couple months ago and bought a Toshiba which works very well. The only upside is that our Studio 1535 models are identical and i can use parts off hers for mine.

No more Dell here even before this announcement. My experience has been that all manufacturers have issues, it is how they handle them that influences me. For example i will never buy a Toyota due to the lies and cover ups even if the vehicle is better than the competition as i am very stubborn.

I will likely buy at Costco for my next computer, (likely Toshiba) simply because they double the manufacturers warranty at no cost and their exchange/refund policy is 90 days. Over the years i have purchased 3 computers at Costco. Now if a major maker would offer a machine without their bloatware i would pay more for it :D and no i do not want to build one, therein lies a whole nother set of issues.

Just my opinion which is free and may be worth what is paid :)

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This can happen with any one of the companies that sell computers....

I run an all Dell Shop and I must say, I really have not had issues that have caused me any headaches..... With the amount of PC that I use here, I have great tech support, and get a fast turn around from Dell.

I do get some that will not work no matter what, but it gets repaired within 24 hours from Dell so no worries with me....

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