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Information about Trojan horse

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Symptoms that indicate the presence of a Trojan horse in your device

1_ suddenly interrupted every 12 minutes or less on the Internet then you have to go back immediately and then again and then drop back (so you will relate to your service Distributor Company (net) and the service will have sound, but the Trojan is to cut off the network.

2_problem loading page 2_ cut significantly in the browser only (ie, when entry was posted on to function normally and Ken Lusk NBC will give you a problem loading page

3_ slow abnormal in your device

4_ not possible to use certain programs in the device

5_Gerbh emergence of things in the device, such as strange symbols, change the desktop background, and so on

But No. 1, 2 and 3

Most common symptoms indicate the presence of a Trojan horse in your device

Can do a Trojan horse

1_ can spy you through chat and instant messaging

2_ with you can spy bug Web cam (computer, camcorder) and actually can be opened and run Aflh or your vision and your camera and Mrkapetk

3_ and can spy on your words into the microphone

4_ can destroy your device

5_ Trojans can get all your passwords, numbers, credit cards and other information stored on the computer

6_ Trojans can record every keystroke you are pressing them on your device

7_th at the arrival of any e-mail message to you, you Oahtnh Troy send a copy of the client (any of the planted on your machine)

Ohassanh deceptive Trojan

Trojans Balkhadah called because they deceive the person by sending an e-mail message you have a very compelling and the message it sent in the form of Raiesc at work, or from a bank and you want to write some data and of course you steal it

Trojan horses can not be cleaned when you use the counter, like many viruses

It can not be deleted, but only to stop its activation

In terms of programs running on his anti disconnect between the server and client, therefore, can not penetrating to activate the Trojan horse and stands permanently activated

Of course, there are programs to determine the existence of a trojan horse in the Registry to files can be removed manually, but any error in his drawing would work to destroy the system once

Resume a Trojan horse to life again

But when you shut down communication between the server and client

Of course, a Trojan horse is not deleted from the device activated, but stands only

res But when you enter the virus or malicious programs to the system is that is doing res (no restart) for the Trojan horse and starts it again

And hackers looking to use the port Optical devices on the network

And begins penetration II

To reduce the entry of a Trojan horse into the system

1_ use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware it is the best

2_ maintain the updates permanent device (windows, virus and worms and so on)

3_use a firewall is still on a strong and always

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There is no need to place items in here with such large type face -

Your responses will always be 1/ edited or 2/ answered in our normal type size -

If you have problems reading them please adjust your screen size -

Thank You -

EDIT - Most of us do know what a Trojan infection is -

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