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Kids Dying at Record Pace in Hot, Locked Cars


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Its that time for this type of warning, every year I read about these tragic events about these children being forgotten, left/playing in cars during the summer months.

Be vigilant about where your children are and dont forget about the swimming pools/playgrounds.


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Kids... *and* PETS...

The K9 cops down here leave their dog-partner in their cars with the A/C running when they go in to do paperwork or book a suspect. Unfortunately, and this "even-with-the-A/C- running", which also affects kids, his patrol car engine stalled - no A/C - and his dog-partner died of heat. Child.. or pet.. a VERY sad ending for someone/thing one loves. ;)


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Its time for the cops to be involved. ;)

Maybe they are more involved with:

Police halt Toronto G20 protesters


Barak Obama is taking a back seat as the Queen is coming to Canada Monday. :o

Not to be confused with:

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody


The G20 leaders have a lot to ponder especially BP's Gulf blunder. :o


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Thanks for posting this sho-dan,

It's so sad that you even had to though, I can't believe that people are doing that/still doing that.

I've read about many instances of it about it last year, the year before... and so on. So tragic.

Children (and pets too!!) should never be left alone in a car, especially when there are temperature extremes. And do they not realize that leaving children in a car with the windows up or barely down (heck even when they leave them all the way down its still too hot usually) the car heats up VERY, VERY quickly? I mean hello, if you leave your car in the heat with the windows up you get in & its hot and muggy... same thing when you leave kids in the car. Dehydration and the things that come along with that can and will happen very, very quickly.

I hope that people wake up and stop doing these sorts of things. Get a baby sitter or bring your child in with you.

If you are that dense to do this to your child then well maybe you shouldn't be having children.

If you ARE the babysitter doing this, then you should never be allowed around children again, imo.

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YoKenny1, what does all that have to do with the subject?

I guess I watch The Simpsons too much where I see the police acting appropriatly.

It amazes me how people do not think about consequences of their actions. ;)


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In the UK if a dog or a child died in a vehicle under those conditions or a child became seriously ill as a result of such negligence prosecution would certainly follow along the lines of animal/child cruelty.

I presume it would be similar in other countries; if not I'm sure somebody will pick me up on it.

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