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Malwarebytes 1.46 released

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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46 has been released.

This is primarily a bugfix release. If you had issues with version 1.45, please let us know if 1.46 resolves them. A change log may be found here.

The new version is available here.

Thank you to our beta testers and forum contributors for your input!

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please put MD5/SHA-1 hash up there to, so we know its the right file, HashTab can do that for you :)

md5 - 6ae625d478c96a378dfc9683f9db34ba

sha1 - a20dcd89da54572d34d076329c6d1634046c8537

sha256 - 4a57a0ac1201d400aea4174b4ac3a6606204979c2e934c19458158cfe2aebad2


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Thanks, folks ! Installed without issue, I have spread the word in other places as I usually do.

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(operating system = windows vista home basic)

Hello...after updating it, it said it needed to restart. After restarting and logging in to my user account, instead of it going to my desktop as usual I got a blank blue screen. No error message or anything, just a blank blue screen. I tried restarting several times and kept getting the same blue screen. I was able to get in okay using safe mode, but not normal mode. I ended up using system restore and also deleting malwarebytes. Now it starts up just fine no problems. I reinstalled malwarebytes but I'm hesitant to update it again.

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Great News indeed, installed on two computers so far, no issues, one is XPSP3 and the other is Win7 64bit.

I have a really simple question if someone here would be kind enough to reply. I just downloaded the trial version and installed it on two computers. It fixed my "infection" although I had to do a couple of manual fixes to complete the process. In any event, I now wish to purchase the software, in part because I like the idea of real-time scanning, in part a matter of appreciation for the fix.

My question is this, can I use the copy I buy on all three of my home computers, or will I have to buy it three times??

r, peter

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