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Problem with the internet after removing antimalware doctor

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I followed the instructions from the "I'm infected page". Here is the posting with all the logs (attached)from all the scans. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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I was recently infected with the "Antimalware Doctor" virus. Through some other forums I found out that malwarebytes could get rid of it. I followed the instructions and sure enough the virus was located and destroyed.... thanks a bunch!!!!

Unfortunately, since then I have been having problems with my internet access. I have an internet/telephone service pack and I don't think there is a problem with it because the phone service works fine. I can open the internet to my home page (msn.com) and everything seems fine. However, when I try to go to certain sites like hotmail, aolmail, weather (in fact everything I have in my "favorites index" ) the computer acts like it's opening the site but in fact after a few minutes it says that the web site is broken or not availible (404 error). If I enter the address directly in to the address bar, same problem. Google seems to work fine but when I click on sites it is hit and miss. Sometimes I can get to them, sometimes I can't... Final thing, occassionaly, everthing is back to normal and I can get to all my sites just fine... but I never know when the problem will come back. I use the computer for work so it's important to get the problem fixed.

I've tried: reinstalling explorer 8 (my web platform), rescanning with malwarebytes, scanning with Noton 360, dumping everything with CCleaner, nothing works.

The one thing I did notice is that there is an error message on my desktop from my initial scan with malwarebytes (I didn't notice until now, my desk top is cluttered). I have included it here below.

Thank in advance for your time and help. I really appreciate it.






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Please download ComboFix from this link, save it on your desktop, turn off your anti-virus software, and run the ComboFix download that you had saved on your desktop.

Combofix will ask you a few questions (such as whether or not you want to install the Windows Recovery Console), give you some general warnings about not using it without supervision, and it will give you some general information about the tool. Please note that the Windows Recovery Console is not required to run ComboFix, and that you do not need it if you have a Windows XP disk.

ComboFix usually takes about 10 minutes to run, unless your computer is heavily infected. It will run through about 50 different stages (listing them all on the blue window that popped up while it was running), and if it does not advance to the next stage after about 10 minutes then that is usually a sign that your anti-virus software is interfering with it.

Once ComboFix is done, it will remove anything that it knows is malicious, and restart your computer. If it didn't find anything malicious, then it will skip that step. The final step takes a few minutes, and when it is done it will open a log in Notepad. Please either copy and paste this log into a reply, or save it on your desktop as a Text Document and attach it to a reply. Please do not take screenshots of the log, or save it as a Word Document.

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