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wifi hotspot disconnections


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When connected to AT&T wifi (at Starbucks or Coffee Bean cafes), the internet connection will terminate after 3-7 minutes. However, if I place the cursor on the wireless icon in the lower right hand tray, one of two things happens: usually a box opens indicating I am still connected but sometimes I get no response. If I right click on the icon, nothing happens. If I go to Start, Connect to, and wireless connections, nothing happens. The only way I can restore a functioning connection is to shut down the machine. However, when I try to shut down the machine, a windows box opens indicating an attempt to end the connections tray. If I click end program, the box shuts and shut down proceeds. I do not have this problem when connecting to any other wireless network, whether at home, hotels, other hotspots, etc., etc. AT&T denies the problem is theirs and insists the problem has something to do with Windows XP. I have seen the problem mentioned in independent forums, but for older versions of XP. No successful solutions are provided in those forums. I am running Windows XP Professional; it came installed on the machine (a Lenovo T61p) when purchased in February. Any ideas what

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