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I have Malwarebytes test installed on BartPE with VBrun installed to handle the VB needs. However, I get and error code when trying to scan #718...

Error 718: Could not load the MD5 hash generator.

Just one of the many oddities that occur when running in a PE environment.

If you want an anti-spyware that is designed to run in a PE environment, then try Spybot Search & Destroy. Even though Spybot S&D is not as effective as MBAM, it's still quite a bit better than anything that McAfee will ever produce.

Also, I highly recommend that you use AntiVir from Avira as your anti-virus solution. Throwing McAfee out the window will help limit the number of infected computers you see.

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For what it's worth, here is a working PE plugin for 1.34:

mbam v1.34 PE plugin

The 718 error was due to missing Crypto services.

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Hello afleming0814,

The link was removed because it lead to a site that attempts to install a toolbar. However, that's also probably a good thing as MBAM is not designed to work in PE mode and would give you maybe a false sense of security.

There are numerous other free tools to use if the box is so infected it can not be started. I don't know about you and other in the business side but booting from a PE disk take a lot of time on machines too. I'd much rather spend the time on a product that I know was designed to fix it in that mode like one of the many AV boot disks.

Then once the box is able to run some from their cleanup tool, install MBAM and update it and scan with it as it was intended and I'm sure you'll have excellent results.

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It is important to be able to scan in pe so that atleast we can get computer running (maybe). I think even if the program does a little in Pe thats better than NOTHING. In addition, for corporate/universities there is not many solutions available for free. All these programs that everyone talks about to get a computer to a running state for malwarebytes to run are not free for us. We are going to buy technician licenses, but ive noticed a few times where malwarebytes would not install do to the adware/spyware and I had to use spybot on a pe disk. Im considering just purchasing spybot if they have the same kind of technician license. I love malwarebytes, but they need to give a solution for pe bootable discs....maybe even a new program that uses definitions.

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