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No anti-virus software? No internet connection


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I like the comment posted by soporific | Sydney - June 22, 2010, 2:51PM from your second link

Here's an idea: we need a law that requires politicians to consult with the IT community before suggesting any hare-brained schemes like this most recent stupendously stupid idea. Australia is ALREADY the laughing stock of the world when it comes to regulations concerning computers and the internet, if we start to reverse this now, we may regain our credibility in time for the next century.
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eBay's former security chief, has called for the proposal to be taken a step further by forcing ISPs to monitor the security of users' machines and block them from connecting if their browsers, security and operating system software are not up to standard.

Yeah - Sure - :welcome:

This is one person who can keep a site clean ????? :):)

Again it is Big Brother wanting to run everything but knowing nothing , when you know the whole storey -

Thanks for that srtools1980y -

As an Aussie I think it is totally stupid (as usual) ---

Bleeping Computers has this listed as a Top news item -

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