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Password protect full version


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Full version is a god send, however my 12 year old son has spotted it installed and knows how to switch off IP protection. Any chance of putting a password on configuration so he cant turn off protection unless password put in.

Apologies if already mentioned.


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Sory for posting old thread but this is what im thinking for so long.

Like Avast, Kaspersky etc...

Its a good idea a paid Mbam has a password protection. This to avoid disabling the protection module other people using it.

I also want a paid version when detecting threats on Realtime protection it has a password if choosing ignore, No password for putting to quarantine. I dunno the mbam 1.46 but on lower version i noticed when detecting a malware in realtime it has 2 option.. Ignore and quarantine if not mistaken.

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  • Root Admin

Password protected to prevent user modification and Self Defense are two different mechanisms.

The password protection to prevent others on the computer from changing any settings is quite doable and requested from some Corporate customers as well.

Spending time and coding on Self protection mechanisms are a lot different and at best are child's play for Malware once on the system to thwart and undo. Once any process is on the box with System rights and they know what they're doing it is impossible to prevent them from removing your application, so how much time and effort you put into coding something like that can't or shouldn't be too much. It can deter some of the weaker annoying infections but the hard core coded malware programs can undo the protection from any program including Anti-Virus. That said I believe that we will be working on some type of self protection module in an upcoming release but when that feature will be available I'm not sure.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions as we do appreciate it and do look at all of them.

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I use MBAM and have installed this on many customer computers. Seems we are up against some bad bugs today - (as if we never were)...

This software seems to do a real good job of blocking access to websites or reporting in/out IP traffic... its so easy for the people that get into trouble today to figure out how to disable protection - with a right-click on the icon sitting in the notification tray... hiding the icon won't work. They just uninstall the software. A lot of users need to be administrator users, on Home Win versions - so making them simple users just for this purpose is going the wrong direction.

So there is a major fault with MBAM in that it can be so easily manipulated by all users and not hard to discover this... maybe the MBAM publishers are considering this - I hope so. If it can't be fixed then I'll have to go to a more sensible solution in that respect. Love the product otherwise. Would also like to see rootkit - primarily TDSS variants detection at least as well.

Thanks guys!

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Thanks for your comments. We do plan on adding password protection at some point, but be aware, if a user is an administrator, and it's your customer's computer, they can always uninstall the software, or any other software put there to protect them. If they willfully remove what has been put in place to protect them, be it antivirus, a firewall, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware or anything else, they have the privileges necessary to uninstall that protection.

You also must consider product updates. When a new version of the software is available and needs to be installed, it must remove the existing version first and requires a reboot, if users were prevented from having the option of removing the software, they wouldn't be able to install product updates either.

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