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Hi guys. tedivm (our server admin) has made me aware of an image hosting provider that doesn't suck. They allow you to directly link to images and their pages contain no ads when viewing uploaded content unlike most other (and in my own opinion, terrible) image hosting services.

It's called imgur.com. Check it out, use it, and tell your friends.

I always prefer users just use the attachment function on the forum to upload images in posts, but if they must use offsite hosting, that's the one I'd prefer.

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Yep, and tedivm also informed me that it allows you to link directly to images too, so no worries about having to have people jump through hoops to see a pic, just embed the image if you like or link directly to the image's URL :P.

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Sweeet exile360, I been using TinyPic for awhile but imgur suits just fine and thanks tedivm :P

I just learn how to crop images in XP, sometime I feel like a 27554_117971248217732_6407_q.jpg

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For capturing images or portions of your screen, etc, I can definitely recommend the FREE little program with loads of features called ScreenHunter 5.1 Free. They also offer one with more bells and whistles for $ but the free one works GREAT. :P


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In Vista and Windows 7 there is a great built Snipping Tool:


Testing imgur.com


On My XP Pro system I use MWSnap.

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