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How are fuel prices going at your end -

Today the average of regular unleaded was about $5.50 per gallon at Aust prices - $1.25 - $1.30 per Liter (My calculations)

1 Aust $ = 90 cents US$ approx -

Last time I asked you were at about $3 - $3.50 per gallon US prices -

3.786 liter = 1 US Gallons or 4.546 lit = 1 UK Gallon

Not computer related , but this is "General Chat" area ;) and I was bored - (Like Shy was)

EDIT - 60-70 seconds for the post to lock on - 5 seconds for the edit -

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Down south here or up here for regular it's $2.64 per gallon

Just as long as you don't count the "stuff" that is floating onto your shores -

That is still less than $1 per liter (converted for Canada) and about 70-80cents in Southern US -

The best I have got in the last year is about $1.17-$1.20 per lit in Aust$ - Up to $1.30 on long weekends (price rigging) -

We have a GST tax of 10% put on after they have already put an excise tax first -

Thanks Guys -

EDIT - Only 10 seconds for post to lock in this time -

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