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Outpost Firewall entries, Spyware Doctor

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I'll try not to be too convoluted here. I was using the Google Chrome browser and trying to us the Earth tab on a Google Maps page. It wanted me to download a Google Earth plugin, so I gave that a go. Despite several attempts, I couldn't get the plug in to work on this laptop, so I uninstalled it. I was able to get it to work on the desktop computer, but that one uses the Windows XP firewall. This laptop is running Outpost Free. I'm looking into what is going on, but I won't be able to deal with that now for a few more days.

In the meantime, I was looking around at Outposts logs in the Outpost Firewall/log folder. There is a text file there called "context". I read that, and I am puzzled by some entries I see there. During the time I was working on this thing with the Google Earth plug in, I see there was Spyware Doctor Update making connections. The thing is, I don't have Spyware Doctor, nor have I ever had this.

I did try the PCTools Firewall several months ago and have long since uninstalled it. I have Spybot Search and Destroy, which is just sitting there, unused for a very long time. I use MSE, MWB Pro, SuperAntispyware Free, and the Outpost Free firewall.

So why would I have entries re Spyware Doctor updating? I see Google offers a software package that includes Spyware Doctor but, honestly, I've never downloaded that, only the browser. I can't find Spyware Doctor on the computer. Windows Defender also has entries in there, but that I can justify.

Any Chrome users out there? Is there somewhere I should be looking for Spyware Doctor?


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I managed to get the Google Earth plugin to work by working with the OP firewall a bit.

I see that the Spyware Doctor entries appear when the computer is rebooted, and it looks more like this particular log is not necessarily of items actually connecting (I can see on a different log what is connecting and to which IP), but rather of items that have had rules applied to them. I'll pursue this more with the OP forum after the weekend.

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Hi -

Still looking for a Spyware Doctor remover for your computer -

RA products have most , but not that one - I will look at evil fantsy's site and ask him -

You could remove/disable your A/V (MSE) and download Spyware Doctor From Here then uninstall it and see if that removes your older entry -

Then enable MSE again -

Regards -

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;) I'm just trying to figure out how it got here in the first place. I posed a question on the PCTools Firewall Plus forum, but one doesn't always get responses too quickly over there, or at least that was the case last September and thereabouts when I was trying that program. I've also asked Outpost about the significance of the particular log where these entries are recorded, just out of curiosity.

It looks like Spyware Doctor got slipped in with something else, I'm just not sure what that was. (I asked the Google people if it was their browser, too.)

I'll be camping for the next couple of days, so I won't be around to follow this up, but I'll check back on Monday.

Thanks for your response. :)

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Well, PCTools Firewall Plus says they don't include Spyware Doctor in their firewall. I haven't had an answer from Google Chrome. Outpost uses preset rules for known applications and maybe Outpost detected something that caused it at some point to add a rule for Spyware Doctor Update to the list of rules on my system. I ran CCleaner's registry scanner and it found a remnant related to PCTools, but not Spyware Doctor. I'm wondering if there's something in the Google Chrome browser. In either case, since the log in question isn't a list of items that are actively connecting to the internet, it doesn't look like it's anything to fuss about.

Thanks again, Noknojon, for your input. :welcome:

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