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Feature Request: Official WinPE Version

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I do hate to beat a dead horse, and if the answer is somewhere else in the forum, I apologize for being redundant...

I know there have been many, many, many posts about getting MalwareBytes to run from a bootable disc, whether it is BartPE, WinPE, other other. I've gone through many threads here and elsewhere and still don't know if there's a definitive answer to my exact question, which is this: is there ever going to be real support for running MalwareBytes from a bootable environment?

I know MBAM uses heuristics, which does indeed attempt to locate infections based on methods as opposed to definitions. And this is certainly the argument used against running MBAM to clean an "offline" environment. However, it seems to me that mounting the offline registry hives to keys into the WinPE registry would work nicely if MBAM's rules file could be redirected, or at least increase the success rate. (In other words, look at the mounted hives as opposed to the standard location for an online environment.)

Depending on how MBAM's rule engine works, a simple batch edit to the rules file could work. Perhaps maintain an "offline" mode version of the updates, where the rules look to other paths, and include instructions for where to mount the hives.

Is there ever going to be real support for MBAM running on a WinPE disc? If there is, I'd be interested in a technician license, but my operation really needs bootable tools.

And if this question has already been answered, please point me to that thread, and apologies for not being able to find it on my own.

Thanks for your help!

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Yes this has been discussed many times before and the horse is dead. A search of the board will find many posts about it. In fact in this same forum and just about the same time is a very similar post so I'll close this post.

At this time there is some review of it but after some testing it did not work as expected and there is no official support or statement of intent to create one.

Thank you.

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