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Old subject, that's been solved!!

Guest garybear

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Guest garybear

Hi friends! I am brand new to your forum. I just finished reading the topic on IObit stealing Malwarebytes data base. Many of you were calling for IObit to apologize. When I finished reading all the posts, I tried to reply, but found the topic had been locked. I was disappointed because I wanted to give the closest thing to an apology you will ever hear from a bunch of thieves. I have just left their forum where I was a expert VIP. I was on that forum for nearly two years. I have over 1300 hundred posts and what we call threads. I think you call them topics here. I discovered that their so called stolen Malware program had a terrible memory leak(IObit 360). When I tried to inform our members I was banned from the forum. For those unfamiliar with memory leak: a short explanation is when a program keeps taking memory from your system; but refuses to release it back to your system. I needed a Malware program, so I bought what I think is the best (Malwarebytes). A memory leak can be very bad for anyone that does not have a ton of memory. It can cause you a lot of problems. I'm loving Malwarebytes. I was dumb for years ,but I have seen the light. I do not want to bring up a old story about the theft of Malwarebytes data base because it seems to be taken care of very professionally by your staff, and the topic has been closed. I do want to apologize for not being on your side at the beginning. I hope once I have made myself familiar with your forum, I can offer what little knowledge I have to the members. You have your revenge Malwarebytes. IObit is losing customers with their stolen crap-ware. It's hard to say what else they have stolen. I hope I have not broken any rules and brought up some thing here that I shouldn't have. I just want the members to know that IObit will go down the tubes real soon, unless they can find another way to steal software. I hope I can be of some help on this forum, after I have familiarized my self of the rules and how things work. I love using screen shots when I'm helping someone. I hope you have that option and don't object to that. I'm gone for now, but I hope to start and answer more topics in the future.===garybear

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