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Out of Memory

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I have a PC that when running MBAM, during the 'quarantine' process, every time it says 'Out of Memory, -7' then quits before anything is removed. This is really annoying because it is detecting stuff that is not detected by other softwares so I can't remove the spyware.

Any ideas?

PS - the ability to scan a specific folder (ie Windows) would be very useful.

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You can right click a folder and sca n

Is there a reason you are using safemode to scan ? If not , dont , MBAM works better from regular mode .

Also try quick scan instead of full scan , it is designed to catch everything that full scan can detct .

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I will attempt to save a log next time i try to scan. Also, I am in safe mode because I was thinking it would be better since it was giving that error in regular mode too.

EDIT: It will be at least 45 minutes before it finishes scanning again. Is there a way to skip the 'quarantine' function?

Also, I did figure out the right click thing. I thought the problems it found were in the Windows folder but they weren't so that didn't help much lol...

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Follow up: Ok I manually removed those and it did it on a different file this time... its like the files its quarantining are either too many or too big...

PS - I did, and yes same issue with quick scan. I thought I said that earlier sorry.

Edit 2: Would be nice if there was a way to feed a log file into the program and have it reprocess those entries than having to wait for it to scan again :)

EDIT 3: Doesn't seem to matter what I unclick...but now its just exiting without any errors.

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found it. In the heuristic/extras scan if finds c:\bots.partial ... at first i unchecked the 37 items it found but that and it crashed with error. When I rescanned (JUST doing the heuristics/extra - files registry etc unchecked), and unchecked just that, it removed the rest.

C:\Bots.partial (Trojan.Agent) -> No action taken.

I will see about submitting it as a sample.

EDIT: Its a 430MB file... Guess MBAM can't handle a 430mb file eh? Still want me to submit it?

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I don't need further assistance, I am well versed in system cleanup (but this MBAM software is new to me, and so far I like), but thanks for the help. I do this on a day to day basis, and this is a customer PC, not mine.

I suspect it may be a partial download from a Bittorrent or the like...I tried to "RAR" it (since they had winrar) but it only compressed 6%.

EDIT: It actually zipped to 25MB: http://www.wizwire.com/test/Bots.zip

Let me know when you have it so I can remove the file.

Thanks for the help in figuring out what was causing it!

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