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Guest garybear

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Guest garybear

Hi ! I'm a brand new member to this forum. I'm a member on another form called IObit forum. I know you all are booing me. That is ok because I have seen the light. I want to expose IObit for what they really are (crocks). I'm a expert VIP on IObit forum, and have over 1200 posts. I want to help Malwarebytes expose IObit 360 for the crocks that they really are. I will do what ever it takes to expose them. I have a limited knowledge of computers but I do know a little. IObit has a memory leak bug that will cause your PC to stop responding with some of your apps. If you do not reboot and let your memory return to your system, your PC will become slow and non responsive. I know no one here is planning to down load IObit360, but if you are even thinking about it;don't do it. What can I do to expose IObit to the whole world??? If there are any moderators reading this, please fell free to use this any way you wish. IObit is a bad company and it needs to be stopped. It is a crock . I have been a IObit member for years but I have seen the light. Will some one help me expose them to the world. I will do what ever it takes and I'm serious. ==garybear

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Guest garybear

Please note that we do not have a vendetta against IObit. Once they removed our database from their product (which they did some time ago), we no longer had a serious problem with them. ;)

Hi friend!! Thanks for your reply. I just bought your program, and I'm very satisfied with your product. Malwarebytes does not leak memory like IObit360 does and that makes me a happy camper. I feel more secure knowing I have the best Malware protection I can get. I'm hoping that I can share some of my PC knowledge with the members here. I have to learn my way around the forum first. I'm not a geek ,but I have above normal knowledge of XP3, and I enjoy sharing what I know with others. I'm going to search the forum and see what it's all about. Thank you my friend!!

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