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CA Antivirus 2010 removed Malwarebytes

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When I installed the latest version of Computer Associates Antivirus 2010 it wouldn't install unless I allowed it to remove Malwarebytes.

Now that CA Antivirus is installed can I re-install Malwarebytes?

Is there some conflict between the two?



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I'm not sure if there is but there very well could be. Please review the FAQ: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=10138

It has examples of setting up file and folder exclusions for other AV products that do conflict with the program.

Maybe I should be more clear. When I installed CA Antivirus they didn't give me any warning about a conflict.

During the install the window said You have Malwarebytes installed on this computer. The install can not continue unless you remove Malwarebytes. Would you like the install to remove it for you?


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I fully understand and if you read or find the web page for almost every Anti-Virus out there they say the same thing. They are not compatible with any other security software and if you have issues basically they won't help you unless you remove the other software.

CA is one of the first though to actually force the removal of other software rather than just warn about it. I believe even Trend or McAfee's latest beta does the same thing (I don't recall which one it was).

We do have many customers that run CA and do not report issues. Some say they don't need exclusions and others say they do, if you do then try to follow the FAQ from one of the other AV brands and set up the exclusions in CA.

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