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Typo/glitch after purchasing

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I just purchased MBAM and clicked the twitter link:

Did we save your computer from malware? Spread the word about Malwarebytes via Twitter

It makes me tweet:

I just bought @Malwarebytes Anti Malware! http://bit.ly)YkJSg Thanks @Malwarebytes Team! #Software #AntiMalware

When, to make a correct link, it should tweet:

I just bought @Malwarebytes Anti Malware! http://bit.ly/YkJSg Thanks @Malwarebytes Team! #Software #AntiMalware

BUT the link hxxp://bit.ly/YkJSg

goes to:


The address is not showing up! The DNS does not respond, such as tracert.


Your link is messed up, and this is some advertisement.

How did it get like that?

Can you fix it please?

Thanks, team!


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Nobody is getting the point here.

I explained that the link goes nowhere, because obviously the ) was meant to be a /

It doesn't really matter about where the link leads--why the hell is it in there in the first place?

When you click this link: "Did we save your computer from malware? Spread the word about Malwarebytes via Twitter"

You are going to this:


Notice the bold

It is a typo or wrong link or something and should be fixed


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*double post*

Here is a picture, I don't know how else to get you guys to see what I'm talking about.


The link is still there, and when my purchase thing runs out of time to download, I won't be able to check if the link is still broken.

The problem here is clicking the link makes you tweet a dead link to something unrelated :/

What is it supposed to link to, if anything?


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